Nicole Melious Commits to Purdue

Nicole Melious Commits to Purdue

Nicole Melious commits to Purdue, picture taken and used with permission by her father, Dan Melious.

Nicole Melious started playing basketball at six-years-old with Gerry Mosely at Shoot4Success. She started playing AAU Basketball in 4th grade, which is when she had the opportunity to play in the National Tournament at Disney. She has played for the Staten Island Mavericks, NYC Exodus, and NY Hoopers.

What makes Nicole unique? She hasn’t played a high school game yet and has already committed to play for a D1 college. Nicole Melious is the ultimate gym rat who cannot get enough of basketball. For her, basketball is not hard work because she loves every minute of it. This is what a typical week is like for Nicole:

  • Sunday 7-9am basketball training with Coach Delson at The Patrick School, followed by workouts at US Hoops with Coach Rich Leary, and then individual instruction, often outdoors, with Marina Mabrey or Roy Mabrey. Nicole shared, “Coach Delson has done wonders for my ball handling and confidence. He always challenges me to be better and has allowed me to train with professional players, major college players, and major college prospects.”
  • Monday Shooting on her own at 5:30-7am, School, then 3-5pm track workouts with Coach Azeem Wilkerson, 5:15-7:15pm individual skills training with Coach Sal Fabozzi, and she finishes the night at Retro Fitness for weight lifting. Nicole shared, “Coach Azeem pushes me to the limit and challenges me. He is like family, he grew up with my dad. Coach Sal has done a lot for me. He has gotten me better at going to the basket and finishing. He is really dedicated and helps my IQ as a point guard.”
  • Tuesday School then 3-4:15pm Solo Fitness speed and velocity training on the Vertimax, 4:30-5:30pm track workouts with Coach Azeem Wilkerson, and then 6-7pm shooting with Coach Gerry Mosley.
  • Wednesday Shooting on her own at 5:30-7am, School, then 3:30-4:20pm Tae Kwon Do, Nicole is also a 2nd Degree Black Belt, and 7-9pm training with Coach Doug Elwell.
  • Thursday School then 3:15-5pm track workouts with Coach Azeem Wilkerson, 6-7pm shooting with Coach Gerry Mosley, and then skills training 8-9pm with Coach Doug Elwell.
  • Friday Shooting on her own at 5:30-7am, School, then 3-4pm Solo Fitness speed and velocity training on the Vertimax, 4:30-6pm individual skills training with Coach Sal Fabozzi, and she finishes the night at The Patrick School from 7-9pm with Coach Delson.
  • Saturday 7-9am at The Patrick School with Coach Delson, 11-12:15pm individual training in South Jersey with Marina Mabrey, and then 2-4pm US Hoops with Coach Leary. Nicole shared, “Marina, Dara, and Roy Mabrey have all showed me different aspects of the game. They know what it takes. They show me how to get to the basket, finish with contact, and how to have a good mental game. Their drills are high level. Marina and Dara are two of my role models.”

In addition to this schedule, Nicole will attend AAU practices for her AAU team the NY Hoopers. Nicole also shared that in addition to those coaches, she has also worked with Team Footprintz, Joe Capuano, the entire Mabrey family, Rocky Ferrante, Matt Reeves, and Basketball Warehouse.

Before committing to Purdue, Nicole had 18 offers, all before having ever played in a high school game. Her offers were from schools in the ACC, Big 10, Big East, A10, MAAC, and Summit Conferences. However, she fell in love with Purdue. Nicole explained, “I chose Purdue because of the atmosphere. I really loved the coaches. I feel I can really trust them and I had an immediate connection with Coach Sharon and Coach Melanie. When I visited there with my dad and Bryan Williams (Hoopers director), I could just see myself as a student there. At other schools I never felt that type of connection. The players and coaches are like a real family.”

Having committed to a college before even playing in a high school game, Nicole was asked what kind of high school goals she has. She shared, “I want to improve my skills so that my team can compete for a PSAL Title. I want to become an all-around point guard. My goals are to average a double double and train hard to be ready to play Big 10 basketball. Especially, my goals are to keep improving and to never be satisfied.”

A large majority of players who commit before junior year of high school end up seeking out a different college. When Nicole was asked about this statistic she said, “I think my relationship with the coaches will prevent that from happening. I’m loyal. I had the opportunity to leave my AAU team and go to Under Armour teams and Nike teams, but I stayed loyal to the Hoopers and Bryan Williams. Everyone has a path to college. I think I will always be loyal to who I am. I know the coaches care about me and my family.”

When asked what she wanted to major in Nicole said, “I would like to be a social worker and be able to help children.”