St. Peter’s in River Edge Wins the Championship

St. Peter’s in River Edge Wins the Championship

St. Peter's 8th Grade CYO Champions. Picture taken and used with permission by Laura Interiano.

St. Peter’s CYO 8th Grade from River Edge, NJ, went undefeated for the 2018-2019 season and won the championship over OLM from Park Ridge, NJ. St. Peter’s also won the championship in 5th and 6th grade. The head coach of the team is Mike Volmar and the assistant coach is Mike Nader.

Bella Gilmour, a starting guard for the team, said, “We lost in 7th grade to OLM in the semi-finals. Because we have played together for so long and have played in big games before, we know what we need to do to win. Because it was our last year and we really wanted to win one last time, we all stepped up our games. We are super happy that we won.”

Hailey Volmar, another starting guard for the team, shared, “I’m very upset that we finished our CYO career. It’s been fun and I’m sad it’s over. I loved playing with my best friends and teammates. I am also sad that my dad won’t be my coach any more.”

Ari Rodriguez, the starting point guard, stated, “I’m so proud of the whole team, but I’m really sad that CYO is over. We did amazing every season and I’m always going to have good memories. I’m really upset that it’s over because it was always something I would look forward to during the week.”

Nina Interiano, starting small forward, explained, “We’ve had the same CYO coaches since third grade. We always practiced new skills and plays in practice while remembering the fundamentals. I couldn’t ask for better coaches than Coach Volmar and Coach Nader because they always made sure our attitudes were where they need to be in order to win. They taught me that attitude and hard work are the most important things when playing. They love every player on the team so much and it’s clear that they want us to succeed and do our best at all times. I’m so grateful to have coaches that care because it makes me want to work harder for them and for myself.”

Hailey Volmar added, “Both my dad and Coach Nader, Erin’s dad, are great coaches that helped me improve my basketball skills a lot. It was special having my dad coach me. He always pushed me to be the best I could be and I loved spending so much time with him. Coach Nader always helped me stay positive and helped me improve a lot throughout the years.”

The St. Peter’s players, most of which will be going to their home town high school, River Dell, were excited to see Coach Lindsay Steffner in the stands. Coach Steffner is the head coach of the varsity girls’ team at River Dell. Nina Interiano said, “When I saw that our high school coach was at the game I felt very honored because she took the time out of her day to come to our game and watch her future players. It didn’t make me nervous, it just made my mindset change a bit. It made me work harder. I wanted to show her that I could be a future varsity player and that I can work hard.”

Erin Nader shared how being best friends off the court has helped the team succeed on the court. “I think you can definitely see it when we are playing in a game because we stopped playing selfishly and started playing for each other. I think that is the most important things you can do on the floor: play as a team, have a positive attitude, and play as hard as you can.”

The girls know that their hard work is far from over if they want to make the River Dell team next year. They are playing AAU, practicing on their own, and working with local trainers to improve their skills. Bella Gilmour shared, “I plan to play a lot in the off season and work on my jump shot. I also want to work on my dribbling skills.”