Wood Ridge High School is Already Preparing for Next Season

Wood Ridge High School is Already Preparing for Next Season

Skylar Basich preparing to box out during a foul shot.

Wood-Ridge High School girls’ basketball season ended with a 65-59 loss to Wallkill Valley in the state tournament. Wood-Ridge led at the end of the first quarter, 13-12. Wallkill Valley had a great second quarter by out-scoring Wood-Ridge 19-11. Walkill Valley’s Francesca Ciasullo is a great player. She is lightning fast, is great on defense, and knows how to steal the ball without fouling. She finished with 27 points.

Wood-Ridge rallied in the third quarter and out-scored Wallkill Valley. Wood-Ridge’s Natalie Calla and Amanda DiMase led the charge from the three-point line. Both had four outside shots a piece. Cala finished with 14 points and DiMase with 12 points. The game came down to the final minutes, but Wallkill Valley made some great decisions on transition and earned the win.

Just two and a half weeks later the Wood-Ridge players have already returned to the court to prepare for next season. They have chosen to participate in I’mPossible Training to improve their overall skills throughout the off-season. Training under the guidance of a coach outside the Wood-Ridge staff allows the players to experience a different perspective. They have committed to train twice a week until the summer, when their high school coaches will be eligible to work with them again.

From the varsity, Skylar Basich, Natalie Cala, Fatoumata Camara, Jenna Castellano, Amanda DiMase, Samantha Eckert, and Kylie Wasserman all came to the first session. They also invited younger players from the town to join if they were interested. A few 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders came out for the training. The Wood-Ridge players are also close friends off the court. This bond helps them to motivate each other and enjoy the time working hard together.