Paris Mullins Sends a Message To Athletes

Paris Mullins Sends a Message To Athletes


Paris Mullins is a 6’2″ forward who committed to play for Tennessee State University (TSU).

If you have not heard of Paris Mullins that would likely be due to the fact that she is from Georgia. She attends Henry County High School in Atlanta, and New Jersey Sports Report normally covers girls’ basketball in… you guessed it… New Jersey!

Paris Mullins recently committed to attend TSU. Rather than just tweeting out the usual statement thanking people who helped her along the way and then announcing her decision, Mullins created a video interview highlighting her work ethic and attitude. It can be viewed below:

Mullins sends the message to youth athletes every where that hard work does pay off. She proved to herself and to people who doubted her that she could earn a college scholarship to play basketball. She is a tall powerful forward/center who works on all aspects of her game. She has a nice handle, can shoot, and post up. In honor of Women’s History Month this video is also a great message for young girls trying to to make it to a higher level in the game.