Escape Rooms Are a Great Opportunity for Team Bonding

Escape Rooms Are a Great Opportunity for Team Bonding

North Jersey Blast AAU Team in Atlanta, Georiga, after breaking out of an Escape Room. The team participated in this as a team bonding activity between games at a tournament

An innovative way for teammates to bond is to participate in Escape Rooms together. This new craze is an awesome opportunity for players to meet outside of a basketball setting, work together, and have fun.

Escape Rooms allow customers to rent out the whole room for a private party or to pay a per person fee and risk that people whom you do not know might end up in the room as well. Because basketball teams are usually comprised of 8-15 players the room will most likely sell out if every player purchases admission. However, it would be cheaper just to rent out the entire room and split the cost.

The themes of escape rooms vary and a description of them can be found on that location’s website. Tasks vary from solving puzzles to searching for clues, objects, codes, and keys to deciphering riddles. People of all ages can participate in escape rooms and in order to finish before the timer goes off people must work together.

Some of the top escape room locations in New Jersey include:

Amazing Escape Room
This location is available in California, NJ, NY, and Pennsylvania. They have rooms currently available in Green Brook, Cherry Hill, Freehold, Montclair, and Princeton.

Right now in Montclair they have Crusader’s Alley, The Forest, the Lost Record, and Case Closed.

Adventure Rooms is another escape room located in Montclair, but it has no relation to Amazing Escape Rooms. One great feature of Adventure Rooms: all rooms are private; once you book they never match you with strangers in the room. Currently, they have The Hidden Cabin, Swiss Original, and The Remedy.

One last location worth a visit is the Escape Room New Jersey located in Hackensack, NJ. They have two rooms. One is called The Otherside and you can participate in it regularly (detective style) or in the scary version of it. They are both similar, but the scary version has a horror-spin on it and is dark. Their second room is called S.W.A.T.