The Battle in Bergen County’s 2018 Winners

The Battle in Bergen County’s 2018 Winners

Vivian Sanchez, winner of the three-point shooting competition. Sanchez is from New City, NY. Picture taken and used with permission by Jaelyn Wohlrab.

Every year the Battle in Bergen County runs a foul shooting and three-point shooting competition for all ages and genders. Anyone is permitted to enter and participate; there are no residence restrictions. This year the competition was held on Sunday, May 6, 2018 in Westwood, NJ.

For the three-point shooting competition every participant was permitted 25 shots. They were given the opportunity to shoot five shots from five different spots on the three-point line. Participants who were in the 1st-4th grades were permitted to move up closer to the basket. Every participant used the Dr. Dish for the competition.

In the foul shooting competition players were given 10 shots and whoever made the most out of the 10 was pronounced the winner. When players tied they were able to take 10 more shots as a tie breaker. If there was a second tie players then shot 5 shots to break it.

The following players won awards for their age categories at the event: