Cara Faulkner is one of NJSR’s Top Guards

Cara Faulkner is one of NJSR’s Top Guards

Cara Faulkner during her senior year of high school. Picture taken and used with permission by Yasmin Russo.

Cara Faulkner was recognized during the 2017-2018 winter season as one of NJSR’s best guards. Cara began her career at IHA and finished it in her hometown at Teaneck High School.

Cara had several opportunities to play in college, but narrowed her search between Stockton University and Ramapo College. She said she chose Ramapo because, “I am in love with the campus and I was accepted into their nursing program. I’ll basically have the best of both worlds because I’ll be able to continue my athletic career while earning a degree.” Cara explained, “I plan to major in nursing and then pursue a masters degree in order to become a nurse practitioner. I’ve always been interested in the medical field and I enjoy helping others.”

Cara has always been a strong academic student. She has maintained the honor roll all four years in high school and was inducted into The National Honor Society. This summer she will attend an invitation-only medical forum at St. John’s University.

Cara has played organized basketball for most of her life. She has played AAU for the NJ Lady Titans, North Jersey Blast, Blue Crush, Castle, and SportsU. Playing under different coaches in various programs helped her expand her game.

She shared, “Basketball has taught me so many lessons that I have been able to apply on and off the court. The greatest lesson that I have learned thus far would have to be that we have the power to control a situation by having a positive mindset. I remember when I was younger I would get really frustrated when my team wouldn’t be playing well or when I wasn’t having a good game. I had to learn that getting angry wasn’t going to change the situation. I had to stay positive in order to perform with a clear mind and understand that I needed to take that frustration and channel it in a positive way. For example, by hustling more rather than shutting down and taking myself out of the game mentally.”

When asked what message she would like to share with the world Cara said, “this might sound a little cliche, but anything is possible.” She went on to elaborate, “Don’t let someone tell you ‘no’ when it comes to pursuing your dreams. Whether your dream is playing in the WNBA or being the next President, chase it. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication because the road there will not be easy. Don’t be afraid of failure and take risks. I’ve learned in life that limiting yourself will only limit your chances of succeeding.”