From Ice To Turf : Point Boro’s Cassie Campbell Embraces Field Hockey...

From Ice To Turf : Point Boro’s Cassie Campbell Embraces Field Hockey Lifestyle


Point Boro’s Cassie Campbell is a Sophomore who plays for the schools Varsity Field Hockey team. While she certainly enjoys being on the field, Field Hockey is still fairly new to her. It was before her freshman season in which she was introduced to Field Hockey by her coach at Point Boro. Up until that time, Campbell had spent her entire life playing Ice Hockey. “I played Ice Hockey first and Coach Carr knew that I played. Naturally, when she needed players before my freshman year, she asked me to play,” Campbell said.

For Cassie, Ice Hockey is a sport that she began playing when she was in the fifth grade. She remembers playing roller hockey with her brothers and credits them as the main reason she was able to get on the ice. “I started playing roller hockey with my brothers in my driveway. Eventually, my brother Corey started playing for a club team. That was when I decided to follow him and get involved with club hockey myself,” Campbell added.

It was that experience playing Ice Hockey that drove Cassie to the Field. “I think I picked up Field Hockey pretty easy because of the skills I learned through Ice Hockey. Overall I think Ice Hockey is a much harder sport because being on skates is a much different game,” Campbell addressed. With that said, Cassie knows that Ice Hockey was able to give her the skills that have led to her success in Field Hockey. “Stick handling is probably the biggest thing that I have learned from Ice Hockey,” Cassie said.

With that said, Campbell dedicates much of the year to both Ice Hockey and Field Hockey. During the Fall she is playing both sports as the Ice Hockey season starts in August or September and lasts through the winter into March or April. ” For part of the Ice Hockey season, I am playing both,” Campbell mentioned. ” During the fall, I practice for both sports.” After the High School Field Hockey season, I am focused on Ice Hockey,” Campbell explained.

Cassie currently plays Ice Hockey for the Princeton Tiger Lillies where she notices an increased interest in hockey from females.

“I think girls hockey is beginning to grow bigger and bigger,” Campbell said. “Just looking at club teams, you can already see that the number of girls playing at a young age is increasing”.

“I think it may take time to catch up but I think girls high school teams will begin to become more common,” Cassie said.