Morgan Ress Signs to Play for Post University

Morgan Ress Signs to Play for Post University

Morgan Ress with the head coach of Post University, Jon Plefka.

Morgan Ress, center for Midland Park High School, signed her ILI to play for Post University. She is going to major in Sports Management.

Morgan went through a major transformation between junior and senior year. Junior year her game high was for Midland Park was 13 points and scored a total of 97 points for the season. She earned Honorable Mention in the league they play in. At the end of senior year she scored 377 points. She also had a 30 point career-high game as well as multiple games of over 20 points each. She had 219 rebounds and an average of 8.1 rebounds per game. She also averaged 1 assist, 1 steal, and 1 block per game. She also earned 1st Team All League.

Morgan explained, “My junior year was a turning point for me. After Varsity ended, I always thought low of myself on the court; I was never confident in my skills and overall game. At that point, I decided to really push myself for those last few months and really make a difference for myself. During the spring I trained twice a week and practiced with my AAU team twice a week. From mid-July to mid-September I added Shooting Lab training to my regiment. The Shooting Lab is a gym in Ridgewood that has an automatic rebounder that helps increase shooting percentage by improving range, arch, and speed.”
Morgan also competed in several showcases, one of which was called Cream of the Crop, hosted by Blue Chip in Manheim, PA. The top 300 players from the Northeast get invited to play and she warned MVP at one of the games. Morgan shared, “all of this helped to improve my confidence for senior year.”

Over the years many different colleges showed interest in recruiting Morgan, but only one felt right. Morgan shared that the main reason she chose Post was to play basketball there. She shared, “The coach is so nice and I cannot wait to work with him. He is effective at teaching on the court and is motivational. I found out that 70% of the students at Post are athletes, which is a great fit because the faculty is incredibly understanding and flexible when traveling to games conflicts with classes.”

Morgan also has several goals, but her number one goal is to “leave my name there after I graduate.” She explained, “I want to make such a big impact on the team during the next four years that when I leave, people will still know my name years later.” In order to get ready for college basketball she has been eating healthy and practicing every day for at least an hour or two.