Saddle River Day Wins Back to Back Bergen County Tournament Titles

Saddle River Day Wins Back to Back Bergen County Tournament Titles

Michelle Sidor in the BCT Championship. Picture by Reggie Malz

By now news has spread that Saddle River Day defeated Immaculate Conception, 51-39, in the Bergen County Tournament championship game.

Although people may have falsely believed that Saddle River Day would be weak team this year after graduating so many seniors, realistically, this year’s team is stronger. Last year’s team had outstanding players, but they were defined by the positions they played. For example, with the exception of Daniella McMahon who could play every position, the other players were masters at just one position. This year’s Saddle River Day team is filled with players who are not defined by their positions because they can step up and play multiple positions throughout the same game.

The starters from Saddle River Day:

Jenna Jordan: She is a tough center who not only posts up inside to create space, but she also plays the short corner, elbows, and can hit from outside the three-point line. She can come out of the box and receive the ball outside the three point line to help take pressure off the guards.

Cassy Cruz: She is a gritty guard who is good at reading cutters to give a good pass. However, she excels by getting inside and working for rebounds. She boxes out players twice her size, is aggressive, and never takes off a possession.

Jackie Wolak: She is a lightning fast guard who played serious varsity minutes last year to help prepare her for the major role she plays this year. She is key at running the offense and plays a lot of pressure defense on the ball.

Maggie Kuntz: She knocks down three-point shots at will, but standing at 6 feet tall enables her to dive to the basket and score from inside as well. Her long wing-span also makes her a tough defender who contests shots and passes.

Michelle Sidor: She needs no explanation because she averages almost 30 points per game and can score from every spot on the floor. She almost never subs out of a game, never gets tired, and is extremely competitive.

Saddle River Day is led by Sidor, whose poise, control, communication, and long range of scoring enables her team to win championships.

Stats from the BCT Championship Game

Immaculate Conception

  • Khay’la Latimer: 2 DR, 1 OR, 1 A, 4 S, 2 PTS
  • Breyenne Bellerand: 15 DR, 5 OR, 1 S, 1 B, 25 PTS (3/7 FL)
  • Jordan McLemore: 1 S, 6 PTS (4/6 FL)
  • Kelina Menard: 1 DR, (0/2 FL)
  • Jariah Patterson: 1 DR, 2 OR (0/1 FL)
  • Danielle Deoul: 1 DR, 1 S, 1 A, 6 PTS (2/2 FL)

Saddle River Day

  • Cassy Cruz: 6 DR, 1 OR, 2 A, 1 B, 5 PTS (1/6 FL)
  • Jenna Jordan: 7 DR 1 OR, 1 B, 8 PTS (2/3 FL)
  • Michelle Sidor: 2 OR, 1 A, 28 PTS (6/6 FL)
  • Jackie Wolak: 4 A, 1 S
  • Michaela McMahon: 1 DR, 1 S, 3 PTS
  • Jaayden LaFontant: 4 DR, 3 OR, 1 B 2 PTS
  • Maggie Kuntz: 1 OR, 1 S, 1 B, 2 PTS
  • Carolyn Carrera: 2 OR, 3 PTS