RFH Defense Shuts the Door on RBR, Captures State Title

RFH Defense Shuts the Door on RBR, Captures State Title


The clock hit midnight for the Cinderella Buccaneers of Red Bank Regional tonight at Rutgers, as the Rumson defense was once again a nightmare to figure out for the opposing offense – shutting out RBR 21-0 in the win.

The Bucs would turn it over on downs during their first possession near midfield, and Bryan Hess punched in his first of two touchdowns in the first quarter on the ensuing drive.

Mike Murdock made a key tackle on the next drive for RFH – who you can hear from below – forcing another Buc punt. However, RFH muffed the punt and the Bucs recovered downfield.

They would see the drive extended via a facemask penalty on third down, only for Alim Godsey to cough it up on the next series.

Hess turned the second straight RBR turnover into seven points, as the Bulldogs led 14-0.

That would be the score at the half, and Rumson received the ball to start the second half. RBR stepped up and forced the punt, leading to Jack Navitsky’s first completion of the game.

He was later sacked on third down, as the Bucs managed just one first down on the drive and punted it away to O’Connor and the Bulldogs – who put in their third and final touchdown.

O’Connor’s keeper on third down went for a score, as RFH sealed the deal. RBR would generate some chances throughout the rest of the half, but never break through and put points on the board.

Their best chance came on a goal to go scenario at the four, but RFH forced a fourth down before swarming to Sadiq Palmer to force the turnover on downs.

Michael Murdock