Gigi Caponegro of SJV Commits to LUI Brooklyn

Gigi Caponegro of SJV Commits to LUI Brooklyn


To say talent comes in bunches would certainly be fitting when it comes to the 2015-2016 SJV Lancers. The folks at division one LIU Brooklyn were certainly aware of this when they expressed interest in Gigi. In fact, the Saint John Vianney forward was interested in them as well. So much to the point that on Sunday she made it known Via social media that she would be taking her talent to LIU to continue her basketball career.

It is perhaps a great story of a group of hard working individuals that will be spending their final season together, all as seniors. Additionally, for Caponegro she can think back to the shoreshots team that she was on to only imagine of the success that her and her teammates would have throughout high school.

On being a LIU recruit, Caponegro said “It feels awesome I know I’m going to learn so much from the players and the coaching staff at LIU and really excel with their guidance”. She also knows that being part of this SJV team will also help her as she finishes up her high school career and prepares for the college days ahead.

She now joins the likes of Zoe Pero, Tina Lebron, Emily Uribe, and Kellie Crouch to commit to a division one University. This is quite outstanding and resembles the hard work that these girls put in to accomplish their dreams. On playing with her teammates for so long Gigi explains the nature of having such a talented group of peers, ” Yes definitely we’ve all know each other and played with each other for such a long time. We know how to compete and get after it and get each other better day in and day out at practice ” Additionally, She is a key member of last years SJV team that made a run to the Tournament of Champions. This year she will be a big component of a team that many people are highly optimistic about.


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